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Boasting a population of more than 141,000 residents, it’s easy to understand why
people are moving to the thriving city of Hampton, VA. Its home is the southeastern
tip of the Virginia peninsula on Chesapeake Bay. Dating back to the 1600’s, this city
saw waterfront battles during the Civil War as well as being home to the historic Fort
Monroe. It was during the Civil War that its inhabitants burned the city to the ground
rather than see it fall into the hands of Federalists. Today it is home to large industries
such as NASA, a major seafood processing center and has an unparalleled number of
For those relocating to this thriving community, there’s more to see and do than one
can hope to accomplish in a lifetime. The city itself offers a magnitude of places to visit
while taking in the old world charm that many areas offer. The outskirts provide the
ultimate in family living with well-adorned neighborhoods offering new construction or
the historic homes of days past.
This city boasts a multitude of educational facilities from preschool to elementary
and middle schools. High schools are plentiful and both public and private schools are
offered. Colleges cover the gamut of religious education to aspirations for the medical
Hampton, VA remains in a class unto itself where shopping is concerned. From
boutiques to art galleries to malls and shopping centers, it’s all located here. The historic
downtown district touts quaint shops and sidewalk cafes. The Peninsula Town Center is
world-renowned for what it has to offer. This outdoor open-air facility is located in the
Coliseum Central Business Improvement district of the city. This town center covers the
once-famous Coliseum mall. Whatever you desire can be found here with its eclectic
assortment of department stores, specialty shops, and restaurants. If you enjoy being
near the excitement of the city, there are many private residences located above ground
floor businesses. Beautifully landscaped plazas, parks, and squares are all a part of the
Peninsula Town Center.
Performing Arts
If your tastes lean to performing arts, you can take in a show at one of the world’s most
historical theaters. Completely renovated in 1997, the American was the first theater
to allow both black and white people to attend a show at the same time. Reopening in
2000, this Hampton, VA playhouse features drama, dance, folk, and world-renowned
music programming.
Sports and Other Activities
With the location of Hampton, VA being a city that is on the water, boating and fishing
is the favorite pastime of a majority of residents. Marina’s dot the coastline, allowing for
hundreds of boat slips at each location. You can sail, parasail, scuba dive, or water ski. If
the sport you love has to do with water, it can be found in Hampton.
Getting involved in other athletic events as a player or a spectator is easy to do. Not only
is Hampton home to a raceway, but it boasts a rapport with hockey, basketball, soccer,
and even softball. From the child to the adult, if you like sports, Hampton will offer it.
Weather Highlights
Hampton, VA sports the four seasons that northeastern communities share. Winter
temperatures can become frightfully cold but snow is much less frequent than in
communities located farther north. The transition from spring to summer and fall to
winter are fairly short, leaving ample time between for delightful summer weather.
Summer temps lean to being quite warm with many days in the 90’s and some passing
the 100 degree mark.
NASA-Langley Research Center
At the very center of this historic venue, you will find the ultimate in modern technology
at the Hampton, VA Langley Research Center. Over 3700 people are employed at this
facility and together they make this research center what it is. More than half of the
staff is classified as engineers and scientists, while the balance of workers make up the
technical, administrative, and clerical staff. It’s the first civilian aeronautics research
center of its kind in the United States. NASA was added to the name in 1955 at the
beginning of the Space Age.
Hopefully we have not failed to inspire you to relocate to Hampton, VA. Being
transferred by the company you presently work for should be seen as opportunity
to live to the fullest. You have everything to look forward to and once you become a
member of the community you will never look back.
The finest in homes, schools, work environment, medical facilities, and fun-filled
sports activities are located here in Hampton, VA. Come and pay us a visit and don’t be
surprised if you find that one visit leads to an indefinite stay. No matter where you look,
there’s something to do around every corner. Looking for the perfect place to live and
work? You will find it in Hampton, VA.

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