Understanding the Dashboard

Dashboard โ†’ Don’t forget the video at the bottom!

The Dashboard is a tool to quickly access the most used areas of your blog’s Administration and to provide glimpses into other areas of the WordPress community. The Dashboard Dashboard SubPanel presents information in blocks called modules. WordPress delivers eight modules, Right Now, Recent Comments, Incoming Links, Plugins, QuickPress, Recent Drafts, WordPress Blog, and Other WordPress News.

Dashboard SubPanel

Screen Options

The Screen Options allow you to choose which modules are displayed or not displayed, and how many columns are used to display those modules. Clicking on the Screen Options tab shows two sections,

Show on screen
The Show on screen section lists the various Dashboard modules with a check-box next to each module. Check the box for each module you want displayed, or uncheck the box to not display that module.
Screen Layout
In this section, click the number (1 to 4) corresponding to the number of columns you want to use to display the various modules. If you increase the number of columns, you will need to rearrange/drag and drop the modules you want displayed into each column.

Click the Screen Options tab again to close the Screen Options.

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